Thursday, July 24, 2008

being me...

I recently read on's blog "But if you stop trying to be just like others, you can be as great as God created you to be!". It really got me thinking in what I deal with on the IT level. We can go out and get the latest and greatest tool that Willow Creek or maybe even LifeChurch has. But is that the same tool intended for our church?

Too often I've tried to use the latest and greatest because "it just worked" or because it was the "trendy" thing to do. "After all it worked great for them!" Being in IT that's the way we stay up with the competition and the 'know how' in the corporate world. In the ministry world it's important in this day and age to be just as good as the marketing that the world around us throws at us in our day to day life. Shouldn't we direct LIFE to all people in a lost world and have a 'product' that's just as good and honestly... better?

One thing differs though when you enter the ministry realm. God's plan. Just because Church A and B does it this way doesn't mean that God's plan for your church's IT is the same... Or any other ministry for that matter... In fact I hope it isn't. Whenever I stick to what was laid on my heart, nine out of ten times it ends up exceeding my expectation and working out great. Whenever I lean a different way it usually back fires in my face. Think God's trying to tell me something in those times?

What a great reminder that God has called us all individually! What God called the Jason Powell's to do and the Steve Ollis's and others to do may not necessarily be what He has called me to do. Sometimes we forget that HE is God and He's the one that does it all through us anyways! If we get so wrapped up in what the church next door is doing chances are we're probably going to miss out on what God's wanting to do right now in our own church home.

Long story short Thanks Craig for the encouraging and up lifting words through your blog.