Sunday, August 19, 2007

testing 1 ... 2.... testing 123.

Well after putting it off for over a year or more I have finally created and started my first blog in hopes to reach out and connect with the large and growing church technology community throughout the world serving to support ministries through tech matters.

In the last few months I came across an extraordinary :Church IT Podcast: started and lead by Jason Powell. So just a quick HUGE pat on the back and many thanks to him and all the contributors! It was perfect timing in my life that I came across this tool, and very refreshing to hear the many other church's all connecting and helping each other out in this area. Who would have thought?

So on with the introductions!

I currently attend the most amazing inner city church located in the heart of Kansas City Missouri. For the last year and a half I have served as the "IT GUY" for Sheffield Family Life Center. Coming from the coperate world of IT in to the world of ministry has been one crazy, but a blessed ride.

So that's my Work.... but umm.. my family. I am the man I am today because of my family. My wife, and son AND soon to be daughter ALL help me to step back and really examine what life is all about.

So yeah - that's my starter. And there is of course A LOT of stuff that I have to share and i'm sure it will be fun... so stop by and drop me a note.. nice to meet you all :)


Jason Powell said...

Welcome to the church IT blog-o-sphere! :-)

Stephen Smith said...

Thanks Jason! My 'blogin brain' has already been turning.. Everything I do I find myself thinking, "Hey this would be a great subject to blog on". So yeah I can tell this is going to already be an addiction. But hopefully a positive one.